I was reading a post today by Laura titled Connecting with NGL. In her post she talks about the realisation she has had that connecting with NGL is about connecting with the ideas and/or knowledge of others not necessarily with the people themselves.This is an idea that has been starting to form in my head but I hadn’t quite got to the point that I was able to articulate that concept in relation to me and my experiences with NGL.

There has also in my exploration of NGL been much mentioned about MOOC’s and this morning I came across an article by Monica Bulger that presents an alternative view of MOOC’s. Many people consider MOOC’s to be the future of education and a way to level the playing field for those seeking education. Monica suggests that perhaps instead of recreating classrooms, MOOC’s are an extension of libraries and texts in this age of digital technology. She suggests that the high enrollment rates and low completion rates are due to the sampling and selective engagement that occurs similar to the way we use a contents page in a book and read only the relevant chapters.

This article came to my mind when I was reading Laura’s post as it identified MOOC’s as a way of connecting with knowledge and ideas. I have been developing an interest in MOOC’s and how they contribute to learning, my experience has been that people are either for or against them and one of the biggest reasons I have seen against them is the low completion rates but when you look at it from the perspective Monica presents perhaps they have value in ways we haven’t yet considered. I am definitely looking at them in a different light.



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