Musings on the theme of Being Critical about NGL

I have been reading the various posts by Andrew and Tracey regarding being critical of NGL. I have to say that all make valid points.

From my perspective as a learner, NGL has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and therefore I have had a HUGE learning curve so, if you were to ask me if participating in NGL had caused me to learn anything then I would say yes i have learnt a lot, however I am not sure if I have learnt what I am supposed to have learnt. Why? Because like  Tracey has mentioned in her blog and I have alluded to in previous posts my lack of knowledge and understanding of the technology has inhibited my ability to progress at what appears to be the same speed as others. It’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare, those who had the tech knowledge at the beginning of the course are the hare’s who have been able to fly along and engage where as those of us who have not been as familiar are the tortoise who have slowly and at times in a befuddled state plodded along slowly. I think that assumed knowledge of tools that support NGL is definitely a potential draw back for NGL, why? I have found that getting familiar with some of the technology, how to use it, how to integrate it into my existing study routines and creating new study routines because of the technology have impacted greatly on my ability to progress with the “learning” that is supposed to be occurring.

This leads me to consider the potential downside to NGL as a student. The access to the technology and how to use the technology and the digital literacy associated with that could be a factor that limits the benefits of NGL. Both Andrew and Tracey have mentioned digital literacy as a barrier and I tend to agree with Tracey that while I am digitally literate, I was not literate when it comes to the new tools (I may still not be literate, and how do we measure the literacy?) I also suspect the open nature of NGL and the vast amount of content that it can deliver could be overwhelming for the students even your most organised and focused student as it is easy to get sidetracked or go off on a tangent, I know that has been the case for me at times and hours have seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye without me achieving what I had planned to.

I don’t believe I have had enough experience with NGL to comment from the perspective of a teacher but I am sure there will be some draw backs.


2 thoughts on “Musings on the theme of Being Critical about NGL

  1. […] did not possess, so I have progressed in this space! I’ve found myself having similar thoughts to Musette about the assumed knowledge of tools that support NGL, so it’s reassuring to know there are […]


  2. Hi Musette
    LOL What does it say about misery loving company? The irony is that the more I hear that others are struggling, then the more I am encouraged to persevere. Perhaps that this the connectedness that we know how to establish normally and we are now simply learning how to establish in this new digital world. A friend sent me a cartoon that he found on twitter. I will see if I can put it into a blog post. Its about people revisiting worst moments. I found it both funny and thought-provoking since, until we get over how we feel, it can be hard to move ahead.
    Anyway, “Go tortoises”, what we lack in speed in this instance, we can make up with determined plodding. Who knows, maybe the rabbits will circle round and help out.
    Cheers Tracey


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