Missing ladder rungs

I have just revisited the article by Bigum and Rowan titled Ladders, learning and lessons from Charlie: exploring the potential of public click pedagogy. I must say on a second read I found the concept of Wittgenstein’s ladder particularly interesting when it comes to my own learning and teaching. I identify with the concept that as you move up the ladder the bottom rungs fall away. This for me is particularly interesting when I consider the courses I co-ordinate and who has written them. They are written by experts, so are there gaps? are the students missing rungs? something for me to explore further.

I was also fascinated by the notion of learning that has been tidied, missing the messiness of learning and therefore students may feel that rungs of the ladder are missing (Bigum& Rowan 2014). While in this course I have definitely engaged in the messiness of learning at times I do feel like I am missing rungs on the ladder or patches in the quilt. I suspect this is due to my novice level of knowledge when I came into the course particularly when it come to the online tools but I also wonder how many of my students feel like this.

I also wonder if the analogy of a quilt with missing pieces may be more appropriate for my situation as learning is not always linear and perhaps i am piecing together bits of knowledge to create a quilt that I can wrap myself in.


Bigum, C., & Rowan, L. (2013). Ladders, Learning and Lessons from Charlie: exploring the potential of public click pedagogy (No. 2).


3 thoughts on “Missing ladder rungs

  1. Hi Musette, loved your quilt analogy and found myself also relating strongly to the missing rungs and messiness of learning concepts too. As I work at trying to gather together all the information and thoughts I have about NGL and its application, I’m wondering if we create a ‘quilt’ for each learning need – piecing together whatever we have to do the job? In time we should become more experienced and skilled at creating the ‘quilt’ needed and share our skills with others – just as our learning task aims to do. Hope your running is progressing well.


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  3. […] is assumed and do I have that knowledge? I used the image of a quilt with missing patches in my blog post missing ladder rungs, as I have progressed with NGL I feel like this is perhaps more appropriate as learning is not […]


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