Finding my CLEM

During my journey into networked and global learning I have been asked to find the CLEM that will help me as a teacher.

I like Andrew who suggests in his blog about CLEM am relatively naive when it comes to the use of collaborative tools within my teaching and learning. Even though I teach in an online course my use of tools has been limited due to a number of factors including my own lack of knowledge, constraints of the organisation and to some degree the lack of collaboration of my peers regarding teaching resources.

This course, and the fact that I am currently trying to update resources for a course I teach in coupled with my perception that there is not alot of sharing happening within the department regarding ICT and it’s use in our teaching has got me excited about the potential a tool such as mendeley may have not only for my own teaching but also for the ability to share and collaborate with colleagues.

Interestingly I haven’t thought too much about using CLEM to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the tool, perhaps I need to do this since I have committed to showing it to colleagues as something they might be interested in using. Instead I have thrown myself into using it and learning through experimentation. I wonder if  using CLEM would allow me to gain confidence and competence in the use of the tool faster or will I still need a question for me to seek the information that will be useful to me?

Time will tell how I go with this but I do have a deadline.


2 thoughts on “Finding my CLEM

  1. I wonder whether there are other communities outside of your department that might help? Is there a broader community of people teaching your discipline?


  2. David there may be other communities that I can tap into, I doubt they will both be educators and nurses but this is on my to do list to search for. In trying to find my CLEM I guess I just discovered that a community that I was already engaged with and who I believe should be leading by example and displaying the behaviours we expect of students (to be collaborative, innovative and share their learning) are not collaborative and sharing therefore I thought I would start to lead by example.


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