Reflections on the paper “Threshold concept framework”

The paper “Threshold concept: A lens for examining networked learning” by G. Kligyte (2009) is a paper that is associated with a conference poster and explores the concept of using threshold concepts as a way of analysing practice on networked learning.

I found this article very interesting an found that when initially commencing my journey into the world of networked learning I felt very much like the participants of the case study presented; overwhelemed, excited and out of my depth but I was determined to keep going.

I identified with several aspects of the article and found Kligyte (2009) comment about information and network literacies becoming a vital skill for academics. While I agree with this I don’t believe it is isolated to academics. The world we live in is changing and at a pace we haven’t seen before. I teach in the health care sector and health care is currently a very dynamic, ever changing place to be. It is changing rapidly due to increased research and developments in research techniques that are resulting in new drugs and new procedures. Health care is also changing as it is becoming a political and economic issue for the country and that has an impact on how health care is delivered and how health care practioners work therefore I believe information and network literacies is also a vital role for health professionals and I am sure this is true in other professions also. I think this video Education and the future while a little old now, gives some insight as to why networked learning needs to be embraced by teachers.

Kligyte (2009) talks about networked learning being troublesome, discursive, irreversible, liminality and integrative. I feel very much still in the liminal space when it comes to learning. I am not sure of my ultimate destination and I feel that I am shifting back and forth due to my limited understanding of the concepts and tools. I am regularly overwhelmed by the amount of information once I find a starting point but do feel as though I am making progress and with every adventure I am becoming less overwhelmed. I like to think I am learning to crawl before I walk and walk before I run.

I am sure once I feel I have mastered this something will come along that makes me question my knowledge all over again.


Kligyte, G. (2009). Threshold concept: A lens for examining networked learning. In Proceedings of the Ascilite 2009 Conference (pp. 540–542). Auckland, NZ. Retrieved from




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