reflections around applying the TEST framework

There is so much that is new to me in his course around technology which is great and one of the things I was hoping to get out of this subject was some knowledge around technologies and tools to support networked learning however my lack of experience (in the nursing world I would be considered a novice practioner regarding technologies) with the technologies that I am required to use for this course adds a dimension to the learning.

I don’t feel as though I am familiar enough with the tools and what they can do and I am challenged by the consitraint of time when it comes to exploring the capabilites of and becoming familiar with the technologies verses being able to complete the tasks required of the course. I acknowledge that in completing the tasks I will gain some familiarity with the technology however my nature is to explore the tool and what I could do with it privately before I use it in such a public manner as this course is forcing me to do. I have an internal wrestling match occuring where the desire to spend hours exploring and “playing” with the tools is in a constant battle with the need to complete the tasks. At the moment I feel like my learning and experience with the tools is very task orientated and that I am not gaining an understanding about the ability of the tools or the chance to consider how I could utilise them outside of the course.

In some respects I feel as though I do have the skills to necessary to complete the course as I have the desire and ability to learn and explore to find answers but at the same time I am not sure that I do have the skills required in this course as I feel inadequately equiped technologically and this course requires some level of technological knowledge that I don’t currently posess. I know that I could quite competently learn and complete the content of this course using more traditional study methods to make sense of the readings etc. so perhaps some of my biggest learning in this course is going to be technological.

So how do I overcome all this? Stop time so I can spend hours “playing” with the technology and still get everything else in my life done, perhaps the answer lies in refining my PKM routine, perhaps I need to allocate more time to study (sleep will probably loose out there so not sure that is such a good idea)………..I think the key is going to be to find a balance between my natural tendency to get lost in exploring and learning the capabilities of the technology to serve the current purpose and explore the rest later. This is going to be a test to temper my natural instinct. 


2 thoughts on “reflections around applying the TEST framework

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