PKM routine

So I’ve been told I need to identify my PKM routine. I have to admit that when I saw PKM written I had no idea what they were talking about but as I read through some of the notes and watched some videos I started to realise that it is just a way of learning. It is about finding infomration to answer a question, assimilating that information and then sharing it. So I had this understanding of what PKM is but I still had no idea of what PKM stood for………….google here  we come.

So i got a definition of PKM (personal knowledge management).

So when I thougth about my PKM rountine I have one for more traditional methods of learning based on being provided with paper based information and assessment questions to be answered however being new to networked learning I haven’t formed a PKM routine as yet so my current thoughts around what my routine will be is relatively basic. Part of the reason for this I think is my limited knowledge of the potential tools available and how to use them so I think a significant portion of my learning and developing my PKM routine will evolve as I gain skills and confidence in the use of the tools.

So far this is my PKM routine.



One thought on “PKM routine

  1. Hi there, thanks for the post. I too as thinking about PKM and I’ve been using Evernote for a while and find this is a fantastic way for capturing things I come across online. I can clip articles, websites or even email stuff through to it. It’s also accessible via a mobile platform. I like Diigo and Feedly – they seem pretty good value and I’ve used the google version before but there is so much info out there that I still feel a little swamped.

    Anyway, just some ideas I thought I’d share.



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