Me as a Student

Describe your prior experiences as a learner in this program. What did you like? What didn’t work? What haven’t you seen that you would like?

My experiences so far as a learner have in many respects been quite traditional in that the learning has been about readings, activities and assessments. For me this has been both good and bad. I am the type of person that enjoys organisation and predictability. I like to plan and be clear about what I need to do to meet the expectations that have been set for me as this is a formal course. Having said that I also enjoy a challenge and therefore like to be pushed out of my comfort zone a little, I like the thrill of knowing I have achieved something that previously was outside the possible.

Through this program I have had subjects that I have enjoyed and others that have been a burden and I just couldn’t wait to finish. On reflection it wasn’t the topics of the course that had me wanting to get to the end it was the instruction. The particular subject that comes to mind seemed to lack clarity and purpose, the assessment questions were multiple pages long and it felt like the “teacher” was unsure of what they wanted from me as a student.

I found that in the subjects I didn’t enjoy there was a lack of engagement from the teacher and therefore I felt myself withdraw.

Another difficulty I have had in the program is that many of the subjects have had a primary and secondary school focus where as I teach in the tertiary and vocational education sector and that is where my interest lies. So while the subjects have been relevant many of the readings and course materials have had a slant that is not so appropriate for my learning resulting in me spending significant time contextualising the information.

In the subjects around ICT and teaching and learning I would have loved more of an opportunity to play with different technologies and learn about how they work and can be used


What is NGL? What do you currently know about it?

I know very little about NGL, I have heard the term and deduced that it is about learning in a global environment using a networking approach to learn from and with others. I am interested in it as from my other learnings it appears that in the not to distant future it won’t be about the knowledge but how to gain the knowledge and I think NGL may be a way that we can teach the skills required to gain knowledge.


What have you previously learned that is related to NGL?

Because of my lack of knowledge about NGL I dont know if what I have learned is related. Having looked at the week 1 readings my foray into connectivism may be useful.


How have you previously performed your student role? What practices and tools do you use? How do these fit with the idea of NGL and what you know so far of this course?

Previously in my student role I have in many respects kept to what I know. Printing (now downloading to the ipad) the study timetable and assessment information then any course work. I print articles and when reading them sit there with a highlighter and post it flags to mark information that is relevant to course work or assessments. My use of ICT has been limited to downloading to the Ipad and using the moodle site for forums etc.

These don’t fit with the idea of NGL except maybe for the use of forums but from what i have already learnt perhaps these practices can be transferred to tools that do fit with the idea of NGL.


What do you want out of this course? What aren’t you seeing from the course that you’d like to see?

What I was hoping for from this course was some insight into what NGL is and how it could be relevant in the tertiary and adult vocational education spaces. Also some ideas as to how I could utilise NGL as a component to my teaching to strengthen the learning that is possible in the courses I co-ordinate.


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