Me as a Learner

What would you like to learn? Why?

I am thinking that I might start to learn about something that has been on my to do list for some time and that is how to take photos on my DSLR camera without using the automatic features. I am doing this a because it is something I have wanted to do for a while and have said that I would do once I finished my formal study but the opportunity has arisen that perhaps I can do both. I also love pictures of my kids and landscapes and would love to be able to capture the precious memories.

How suited do you think it will be to learning via NGL? What will be the benefits and the barriers?

Currently I am thinking that photography will be suited to NGL as I know that with the increase in popularity of photograpy there are likely to be many blogs, you tube videos etc. out there. Also sites such as flicker may be useful.

I guess the benefits could be that there will be lots of information however that could also be a barrier and there may be much time spent looking at information that is not relevant or useful.

Another barrier may be time to practice the skills researched.

What is learning?

For me learning is gaining new skills and information, however learning needs to be relevant to a situation otherwise I don’t retain it so it needs a context and the opportunity to utilise it.


One thought on “Me as a Learner

  1. Would like to add the idea of sharing the artefacts you create as you learn as part of a NGL approach to learning. Also the idea of a community, which I think you may have picked up in a later post.


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